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by Lacea

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released November 22, 2010




Lacea San Diego, California

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Track Name: Like a G6 Freeverse
Fly like a g6, fresh in my new kicks
instantly streaming into these hoes like netflix
let me rub it under their nose just like vicks
and after i'm done i'll chew it over with twix
other rappers try to hate,
but they can never equate
but we all know that I got that flow that got they hands up to that 808
Hell yeah, i'm the best that there ever was
Didn't have to BEP to be a bee just to get that buzz
Rappin like a pro, I do what i does
and I just rip any MC you give me, just because! I am...
Track Name: Coming Home Freeverse
Back again for the win one more time to steal the show
Dapping friends flashin' grins everybody knows this Filipino
Cause you know that Mikee is such a G but these other MCs
Are Jermaine Dupri cause their illest flow is so-so
Amatuer but a still a pro
Yes the sentra's four door
Will I stop? Will I quit? that's a double negative, no-no
Tell em cause they don't know
Gellin with the Doctor Scholl
Poppin' real "Big" when I shimmy the coco
Can't see me my brims low
Rockin with the Asian Bros
You on a Lonely Island i'm on a boat going row row
Yeah so you better keep an eye on your ho
Cause she like that magic with my gadget when I go go
I'm taking over fast dominating swiftly
Capitalizing and I ain't even hit the shift key
But we got our caps lock
Rappin is my cash crop
I'm killin it "Time After Time" the way I Cyndi Laup
I rock em sock em bop
Until I get my gwaps
Everybody is yielding cause I just pulled out all the stops
So you other whack rappers can back to being cute
Cause you're assistant to the manager, Dwight Shrute
Track Name: Rocketeer Freeverse
Where we going we don't need roads, baby we'll touch the sky
And we gone keep going even when we get that high
My message is clear, I hope you can see it fine
Don't need shutter shades to read in between the lines
Why yes, I know you seeing other fellas
But they'll soon leave you alone acapella
So there ain't nothin nobody can not tell us
We'll fly so high we'll make Neil Armstrong jealous

And I know You wanna take it slow, but baby I got patience
These other rocketeers aim straight for Uranus(Your anus lolz)
But baby they're the lamest, so let's get acquainted
We're picture perfect all we need to do is frame it
So baby hold my hand and take to the sky with me
space is the place so say bye to the Earthly
Things we don't need, and then you will see
all these magical miracles like ICP

Come on girl you know we can make it work
The other new boys only know how to be a jerk
They flirt, then leave you hurt, put your face in the dirt
Just take a ride in my enterprise, i'll be your captain kirk
Cause you aren't like other girls being all trashy
giving more football head than Helga Pitaki
eww real gross but lets not get too nasty
cause in a split second youtube will flag me
No one can stop her, star trekkin with a mean flaunt
survives and prosper, others can barely Klingon (Cling on)
Shorty got class and body is so bomb
Baby We gotta blast like Jimmy Neutron
so grab your jetpack, and we'll finally begin
Make like Scarlett we'll be gone with the wind
it's the final countdown, we on the last ten
then we'll be so far up, Carl Fredrickson.
Track Name: Memories (Ayur - Children of the Earth)
Let's take it back, back to when life was hard
Oshkoshbegosh and pokemon cards
Hanging on for dear life on monkey bars
And goin out the culdesac was way too far
Yeah it's hard to remember way back when
Everybody in your class was your best friend
Recess was the best, and we played pretend
and you were such a rebel if you stayed awake past 10
Back then, i dreamt of becoming an astronaut
Now my childhood dreams all seem forgot
Now it's about worshipping that shit you bought
Drinkin the best drink, smoking the best pot
We've changed a lot, I'm thinkin in contemplation
Imaginations are now complications
Best friends of old have no relation
C'mon Lacea we've grown up why you hatin'?
I'm just sayin', I wanna turn back the time
Find on the timeline then press rewind
I'd be fine with that kid state of mind
Make less the stress, sit back and unwind
But we've hit a stop sign, there's no turning back
Our bright childhoods have fade to black
What is done has been done and that is that
Our Wheels of fortune have turned, and Pat? he can't say jack (Sajak)
Man this is whack, now we Guns n' Roses ACDC
Cause we're stuck in a jungle to crumble doin' dirty deeds
How can we go anywhere if we going the same speed
Askin "Can you take me higher" but we livin' the same Creed
We're stuck here to bleed, but I guess you gotta move on
The day brings a new dawn and yesterday's gone
Made some real lines like my name's Tron
You can go that's fine, but leave the light on
Track Name: White Maroon (Black And Yellow) Freeverse
Killa Teen


your path straight to the trash like a fat ass eating lean cuisine

You last i'm running past running fast i'm ahead of the team

i'm slashin heads off with my verbal guillotine

made your girl my boo and i didn't need to ghost her

you came up short like midgets gettin on roller coasters

you'll need more air to breath especially if you're a smoker

cause I will choke your neck of the woods al Roker

try to hit me with a punch line i got the parry

You not so much, I'm very, yo flow slowa than gary

cause i stay busier than the town of Richard Scarry

then my fans throw it up like a lactose intolerant eatin dairy

Lacea you punch a ton, yeah well my flow illa

My lines are sum 41 all killa no filla

cause it's MC Mikee you won't find nothin realla

this rap empire i'll run like a hun call me Atilla

Cause I rip it when i spit it then I kick it like fifa

then I'm up higha than a rastafarian smokin reefa

yes i'm stunnin bars runnin you can tell Wiz Khalifa

that I made these rap kings look like Queen Latifah
Track Name: Zelda Verse (Beat by Ethan Hollingshad)
who do you know that a got a flow that is mo sicker than
me rhyme's green tea candy call me the asian eminem
if you don't see clearly then you need to get a betta lense
cause i make girls go crazy and sometimes the men feminine
i butcher other rappers so yes i'm the best you'll ever meat
i'm like a drum with no head so i'm difficult to beat
my verses don't got no hook but i'm still the Capitan with my heat
and your verses are disappointing a flash in the Pan, Pete
frying and eating these squids like its deep fry calamari
they can't keep up with my enzo, flow like a ferrari
cause if i blow past and forget you i believe i'm sorry
i'll put my car in Parks and Rec you, Aziz Ansari
I don't cater to these haters, i ain't here to please ya
but their hate is fuel to the fire, so i guess i need ya
And to all you fake friends that left me broken like Seether
when i make it to the top, i'll have slight case of Amnesia
wait a second who are you are we even aquianted
oh you that one dude that said that Mikee won't ever make it
i made my dough and baked it went agogo and i crepe'd it
Now I’m the the best they ever had so I guess I drake’d it
i'm soarin cause i'm fly, you sore like a kanker
i'm a perfect ten, you be-nine, no cancer
Can an asian take over the rap game? Well i'm the answer
what other crouchin tiger is rollin with black panthers
Cause I’m the hottest mc to come out of the Philippines
But still gotta flow colder than any blizzard from Dairy Queen
Fist pumpin haters keep hatin prolly cause I’m still a teen
I say Neato to these Guidos make pauly d’s look like paula dean
So now I’m in writer’s block and now I’m outta lines
I’m all outta jokes I’m all outta rhymes
So I’ll give some time for these rappers to ketchup like Heinz
And get on their knees and blow my ocaweiner of time.
Track Name: Pen LUV Feat. Lacea - Love, Live, Life, & Laugh
My Verse:
Many a time i find myself gritting my teeth
in disbelief already admitting defeat
but before i go on these long nights without sleep
i know better days are goin to be in reach
cause you can't go every day being a defeatist
when undeserving haters living lives of an elitist
keep ya head up cause you know they can never beat us
Spend A. D.ay I.n A.sian's S.hoes they can never handle my ADIDAS
Cause i work hard, and i Grind too
And i'm a shine so hard that it'll blind you
and keep in mind too that you got your friends behind you
and always look up to the homie that designed you
yeah i'ma make this mine too like my name is jason mraz
come fresh haters stuck in salt lakes like the utah jazz
all of my mistakes i'm throwin in the trash
and flushed down the toilet like a cyclone, baby bash
Track Name: Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare
I'm not your average asian, simply amazin

Had to deal with more scrubs than Donald Faison

Heavy artillery with my caissons

while you whack mcs only spray maceing

tie yo shoe lace and get up cause you gotta be trippin

my pair of shoes too big fo you, what're you fittin

Try to take what's mine? Man What're you grippin

Bro I reap what I sew, What're you knittin

I Can't understand your lyrics, What're you spittin

I mean the flows all there but the meaning's missin

You're a fake Juelz Santana with your stanzas

Cause You always hand Deaf Jams that nobody wants to listen

Where are the good rappers, man I can't tell

Probably St. Elsewhere, Howie Mandel

Blew em away with my canons George Handel

I leave MCs like that 80's show cancelled

You're lines are expired so you can't sell

Go back to your desire for Hot sexy tan males

Yourjedi mind tricks you didn't plan well

so who you foolin that ain't a jedi braid that's a rattail

I win win win so I can't fail

you're hanging by the thread of your baggy jeans panttails

so let go befo you get trampled

And left in the dust Antwaan Randle

El nino, I ain't hispanic i'm filipino

I spew money(Spumoni)from my pockets more than Dinno

More Than indian casino games of Keno

When people ask me how I roll, I be like

you gangsta rappers stop rappin with yer dirty words

i'm replacing urbanites, i'm from the "Sub"-urbs

I'm goin through the wire, I'm making heads turn

jaws always spittin fire, That's why i've got sideburns

Your mind turns all over the place

outta yo head and in front of your face

i'm racer x so get outta the race

Why don't you get made like sam spade and just fade, without a trace

Will you whack MC's ever quit playin games

I'm asking nguyen(when) more than vietnamese last names

can you spare me a pair of lyrical underwear

Cause My fruit of the loom is way tighter than your hanes

Cause my dick is alan thicke, but i ain't Canadian

And you'd be insane to handle my growing pains

I'm Ashamed you've Been accepted like Bartleby Gains

When you're as good as the actors on Snakes on a plane

So switch lanes and go a bit slower

comprable to the speed of my john deere mower

speakin of which, I lady gaga ya girl when I mow her

You want me to poker face? Why should I? I barely know her!

So quit it with all your get rich quick schemes

Cause you're outta style like a bitch in ripped jeans

you can't rid me when you wake up at 8:15

Cause no nelly, i ain't just a dream, I be like
Track Name: Opposite of Adults Remix (Chiddy Bang)
ayo I once was a kid, And i still am
and i got a bigger head than nba jam
Older dudes try to take my dreams andscram
but I woke up before they could go-go like Wham!
hot damn here we go again
couldn't afford a ford escape goat so i had to dodge ram
Mcs ain't gettin me wet, they got whack spit
fuck a cartwheel, i make em do a backflip
you got no friends the way that you spittin
I roll with a fuckin' entourage, Jeremy Piven
i'm too hot to handle, wear your oven mitten
cause i got their hands up more than the surprise kitten
so how you fittin Lacea, to be rapinn kiddie
no raps about ass or slappin titties
i still go hard and i bang like chiddy
it's a revolution and the kids all with me sing!

Float like a butterfly sting like Ali
i'm an Immortal Bee cause you can't buzzkill me
i don't wear my pride, i don't don trophies
cause it's my life, like bon jovi
yes that's me on yo tv
ready to beat the shit outta any track that you give me so bring the TP
for those of you out there that're gettin a little sleepy
i could really care less i'll go ahead and press repeat
man this is too easy, and i'm so able
even if there's neighsayers crampin' my stable
i eat up anybody that you bring to the table
and i say no deal to any rap label
cause i see how you chew em and spit em out
no way of gittin out
so i'll stick to makin' my own writtens fa now
and make it to the top, but until that time
i always gotta keep this in mind
Track Name: We'll Make It (Beat by Alex Lee)
I check the clock on the wall, 3 in the am
hit rock bottom, me in the basement
knocked on the fall, seein' the faceplant
it's not stoppin, so i'm leavin' this wasteland
Cause i've been livin' this crazy life for so long
All of my demons tellin' me you gotta hold on
But i ain't lettin' em in, I gotta stay strong
so I gotta be Truman (true, man), droppin' a bombs
Take on anybody on me they try to hate on
Spray some stupid ass shit chocolate rainin like Tay Zon
Wait son, i'm stickin' to these kids like Napalm
Opportunity's knockin' on my door Avon

we'll make it and these haters just gotta face it
indefinitely not possibly we'll grab the fee and pay it
we'll make it and you can never erase it
shuttin it down no else around to take it

I'm keepin' this feelin' and never giving it up
I'm reapin' my dealings and better be living it up
but what am i dealin with, gettin' fame or gettin green
be the best of both worlds, bi-winning like charlie sheen
cause i mean i'm necessarily doing any means
our pawns are in yo lawn so we gettin' plenty queens
you know me keeping the positivity even if we
goin down we skyward bound going past infinity
dishin' the entree all da way to my payday
neighsay? you seabisquits go back to your horseplay
cause we keepin' the peace and don't resort to violence
so take a shot of quiet and plea a fifth of silence

we goin through tough times we walked through rough lines
but that's the end of that we comin' back cause we've had it enough times
I'm doing the impossible, success not optional
the way i spit i'll flip the artic and make that shit tropical
Yes I will do my best and progress into the future
even if we get Joe dirt kicked in our face and get david spade and neutered
i'm moving to the next one and i won't stop until i get one
and i'll lose some win some until i get what i want ala cart, Dimsum
Yes son while the rest of these haters ain't gonna get none
i'm braver with my light saber while you're stuck shootin blanks with boba fett's gun
we won, raisin' the bar taking it to the next level
was grindin in the Rubble now we eatin' fruity pebbles
Track Name: Ken Moua Ft. Lacea - Price Tag (Cover)
My Verse:

yo it ain't about the price tag,
it ain't about the prada gucci or the nice bags
we turnin our lives around, but we always end up right back
to wishing for things we wish we might had
cause i have realized my true meaning of worth
and it's not equal to anything coming outta ya purse
so stop, yo, elaborate and listen
ice is whack, it's not about all that glistens
the friends that i've made from gettin paid
didn't last long and already started to fade
nobody seems to care if the money ain't there
then i become the third wheel can you loan me a spare?
don't get blind from all the clothing designs
or we'll lose all our minds eyes with dollar signs
instead of money spend time and enjoy what you'll find,
so sing the chorus, leave your wallet behind
Track Name: No Overheads
life of an enlisted
whippin out the wish list
my attitude went from no go to get this
i went from no money but now i'm the freshest
can't peek to my peak ya'll haters is neckless
staring at my necklace yes it's eye trancing
i'm in the line dancing for military financing
alot it from my pay
every pay day
is the first and fifteenth
credit cards from stores i don't even shop at
"it's an extra 15 percent off!" aight roger that
aeropostale pacsun express hollister the gap
wasting so much money on so much crap
lack of a budget
god damn i love it
and all civies can do is standby and covet
money for the future don't matter to me
that's why I don't put nothin in my TSP, ya feel me

got a girl at home but i still put in work
buying all the i heart my sailor tshirts
but now she saying i'm not the old me
whatever i know you at home fuckin jody
so i get out that situation
now i'm contemplating
which female i want at my duty station
the first one i thought was meant to be
but unfortunstely she was here on TAD
the next one man i really thought was true love
but her dating range was E-4 and above
the last saillor i said i love you
she said umm sorry i don't like your anchor tatoo
girls girls man i don't love dem hoes
i got all this paper, that's what strip clubs are for.
fell in love with sugar homie please don't hate
I got three letters for ya BAH

now what direction
now sugar's pregnant
and i just failed my health and comfort inspection
now i'm up to my neckerchief in debt
from buying all of the jersey shore dvd sets
and my pick up truck is getting me fucked up
the only way to pay is donating my left nut
gettin in bar fights like i was in fight club
spending 50 dollar cab rides for terrible night clubs
having hotel parties and trying to be discreet
but holiday inn calling about vomit on the sheets?
gettin blue falconed for the mistakes of others
standby to standby like you standing for colors
asking my asian parents for help
they say you dishonor our family! you did this to yourself
asking shipmates advice
dude we told you twice
when spending money always leave yourself a slice
but that is what i thought i did exactly
but i thought you meant leftovers from cheesecake factory
maybe one day i'll look back and laugh
but now navy fed's hollering at my ass for overdraft, damn you sugar...
Track Name: Lacea - Soulja Boy (Murder To Excellence Freeverse)
souljah boy tell em, nah before i let you finish
i'm just wonderin what the hell is the deal with this
"fuck the army" bull shit i be hearing
and all the soldiers marines sailors airmen that you be smearing
cause don't get me wrong i sometimes listen to you music
but who do you think is paying for your freedom to do it
so screw it while you had your shit all the way turnt up
you didn't hear the marines in firefights gettin burnt up
don't support the military ok you can be a hater
i'll just let the terrorist be your next door neighbor
cause i know you believe what you read in the newspapers
every servicemember is a kid killer baby raper
and you got the feelin that your better than
but when was the last time you talked to a wounded veteran
you've never been over there you're not aware so how can you even compare
yourself to that phony title that you bear
souljah boy man you need to get older boy
got a lot to learn guess no body told ya boy
but you don't give a fuck, you just gonna ignore ya boy
you're just black and rich, lucky folgers boy
while you sitting back in your mansion home
think of the dudes who can't even kiss their love ones through the telephone
still do ya thing, man i ain't stopping ya
your lucky you don't live in a country that would be droppin ya
for the shit you say luckily the only price you pay
is just spitting out shitty lyrics that get radioplay
you can keep your contraversy and oh look at me swag
i'll go overseas carrying my seabag
and you can keep doing all of your sold out shows
i'll protect this country and really superman these hoes
so you can say your shit and have your right to play it
like voltaire said i'm gonna defend to the death your right to say it
Track Name: Return to Innocence(unfinished)
the type of homies i stepped with kept me a bit callused
I conversed with these skechers, but i needed a new balance
reach higher heights, present me a new challenge
i wanna be almost famous, no jimmy fallon
they say i don't have the nuts to do it, tell em they dead wrong
why do i need em when you can tell em that i livestrong
i need to get my act together, if it was just that simple
i just want my guilty conscious to give me an aquittal
haters better prepare and be aware of all blind spots
there's no app to find out how lost my mind got
you think i'm impressed by your dress and your stats? chill.
I iron my paper, bitch I got real flat bills
yeah i'm the only asian reppin missouri area
hotter than any summer in western sumeria
I clash into these rappers but it was them that was makin me
TBone em to make em totaled, i had to do it pain-steakenly
backward thinkin wasting the time i spent
if the rules can't bend then it's the return to innocence.