Memories (Ayur - Children of the Earth)

from by Lacea

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Let's take it back, back to when life was hard
Oshkoshbegosh and pokemon cards
Hanging on for dear life on monkey bars
And goin out the culdesac was way too far
Yeah it's hard to remember way back when
Everybody in your class was your best friend
Recess was the best, and we played pretend
and you were such a rebel if you stayed awake past 10
Back then, i dreamt of becoming an astronaut
Now my childhood dreams all seem forgot
Now it's about worshipping that shit you bought
Drinkin the best drink, smoking the best pot
We've changed a lot, I'm thinkin in contemplation
Imaginations are now complications
Best friends of old have no relation
C'mon Lacea we've grown up why you hatin'?
I'm just sayin', I wanna turn back the time
Find on the timeline then press rewind
I'd be fine with that kid state of mind
Make less the stress, sit back and unwind
But we've hit a stop sign, there's no turning back
Our bright childhoods have fade to black
What is done has been done and that is that
Our Wheels of fortune have turned, and Pat? he can't say jack (Sajak)
Man this is whack, now we Guns n' Roses ACDC
Cause we're stuck in a jungle to crumble doin' dirty deeds
How can we go anywhere if we going the same speed
Askin "Can you take me higher" but we livin' the same Creed
We're stuck here to bleed, but I guess you gotta move on
The day brings a new dawn and yesterday's gone
Made some real lines like my name's Tron
You can go that's fine, but leave the light on


from Free Verses, track released January 5, 2011




Lacea San Diego, California

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