No Overheads

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life of an enlisted
whippin out the wish list
my attitude went from no go to get this
i went from no money but now i'm the freshest
can't peek to my peak ya'll haters is neckless
staring at my necklace yes it's eye trancing
i'm in the line dancing for military financing
alot it from my pay
every pay day
is the first and fifteenth
credit cards from stores i don't even shop at
"it's an extra 15 percent off!" aight roger that
aeropostale pacsun express hollister the gap
wasting so much money on so much crap
lack of a budget
god damn i love it
and all civies can do is standby and covet
money for the future don't matter to me
that's why I don't put nothin in my TSP, ya feel me

got a girl at home but i still put in work
buying all the i heart my sailor tshirts
but now she saying i'm not the old me
whatever i know you at home fuckin jody
so i get out that situation
now i'm contemplating
which female i want at my duty station
the first one i thought was meant to be
but unfortunstely she was here on TAD
the next one man i really thought was true love
but her dating range was E-4 and above
the last saillor i said i love you
she said umm sorry i don't like your anchor tatoo
girls girls man i don't love dem hoes
i got all this paper, that's what strip clubs are for.
fell in love with sugar homie please don't hate
I got three letters for ya BAH

now what direction
now sugar's pregnant
and i just failed my health and comfort inspection
now i'm up to my neckerchief in debt
from buying all of the jersey shore dvd sets
and my pick up truck is getting me fucked up
the only way to pay is donating my left nut
gettin in bar fights like i was in fight club
spending 50 dollar cab rides for terrible night clubs
having hotel parties and trying to be discreet
but holiday inn calling about vomit on the sheets?
gettin blue falconed for the mistakes of others
standby to standby like you standing for colors
asking my asian parents for help
they say you dishonor our family! you did this to yourself
asking shipmates advice
dude we told you twice
when spending money always leave yourself a slice
but that is what i thought i did exactly
but i thought you meant leftovers from cheesecake factory
maybe one day i'll look back and laugh
but now navy fed's hollering at my ass for overdraft, damn you sugar...


from Free Verses, track released August 27, 2011




Lacea San Diego, California

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