Opposite of Adults Remix (Chiddy Bang)

from by Lacea

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ayo I once was a kid, And i still am
and i got a bigger head than nba jam
Older dudes try to take my dreams andscram
but I woke up before they could go-go like Wham!
hot damn here we go again
couldn't afford a ford escape goat so i had to dodge ram
Mcs ain't gettin me wet, they got whack spit
fuck a cartwheel, i make em do a backflip
you got no friends the way that you spittin
I roll with a fuckin' entourage, Jeremy Piven
i'm too hot to handle, wear your oven mitten
cause i got their hands up more than the surprise kitten
so how you fittin Lacea, to be rapinn kiddie
no raps about ass or slappin titties
i still go hard and i bang like chiddy
it's a revolution and the kids all with me sing!

Float like a butterfly sting like Ali
i'm an Immortal Bee cause you can't buzzkill me
i don't wear my pride, i don't don trophies
cause it's my life, like bon jovi
yes that's me on yo tv
ready to beat the shit outta any track that you give me so bring the TP
for those of you out there that're gettin a little sleepy
i could really care less i'll go ahead and press repeat
man this is too easy, and i'm so able
even if there's neighsayers crampin' my stable
i eat up anybody that you bring to the table
and i say no deal to any rap label
cause i see how you chew em and spit em out
no way of gittin out
so i'll stick to makin' my own writtens fa now
and make it to the top, but until that time
i always gotta keep this in mind


from Free Verses, track released March 9, 2011




Lacea San Diego, California

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