We'll Make It (Beat by Alex Lee)

from by Lacea

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I suck at writing choruses


I check the clock on the wall, 3 in the am
hit rock bottom, me in the basement
knocked on the fall, seein' the faceplant
it's not stoppin, so i'm leavin' this wasteland
Cause i've been livin' this crazy life for so long
All of my demons tellin' me you gotta hold on
But i ain't lettin' em in, I gotta stay strong
so I gotta be Truman (true, man), droppin' a bombs
Take on anybody on me they try to hate on
Spray some stupid ass shit chocolate rainin like Tay Zon
Wait son, i'm stickin' to these kids like Napalm
Opportunity's knockin' on my door Avon

we'll make it and these haters just gotta face it
indefinitely not possibly we'll grab the fee and pay it
we'll make it and you can never erase it
shuttin it down no else around to take it

I'm keepin' this feelin' and never giving it up
I'm reapin' my dealings and better be living it up
but what am i dealin with, gettin' fame or gettin green
be the best of both worlds, bi-winning like charlie sheen
cause i mean i'm necessarily doing any means
our pawns are in yo lawn so we gettin' plenty queens
you know me keeping the positivity even if we
goin down we skyward bound going past infinity
dishin' the entree all da way to my payday
neighsay? you seabisquits go back to your horseplay
cause we keepin' the peace and don't resort to violence
so take a shot of quiet and plea a fifth of silence

we goin through tough times we walked through rough lines
but that's the end of that we comin' back cause we've had it enough times
I'm doing the impossible, success not optional
the way i spit i'll flip the artic and make that shit tropical
Yes I will do my best and progress into the future
even if we get Joe dirt kicked in our face and get david spade and neutered
i'm moving to the next one and i won't stop until i get one
and i'll lose some win some until i get what i want ala cart, Dimsum
Yes son while the rest of these haters ain't gonna get none
i'm braver with my light saber while you're stuck shootin blanks with boba fett's gun
we won, raisin' the bar taking it to the next level
was grindin in the Rubble now we eatin' fruity pebbles


from Free Verses, track released March 13, 2011




Lacea San Diego, California

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