White Maroon (Black And Yellow) Freeverse

from by Lacea

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Killa Teen


your path straight to the trash like a fat ass eating lean cuisine

You last i'm running past running fast i'm ahead of the team

i'm slashin heads off with my verbal guillotine

made your girl my boo and i didn't need to ghost her

you came up short like midgets gettin on roller coasters

you'll need more air to breath especially if you're a smoker

cause I will choke your neck of the woods al Roker

try to hit me with a punch line i got the parry

You not so much, I'm very, yo flow slowa than gary

cause i stay busier than the town of Richard Scarry

then my fans throw it up like a lactose intolerant eatin dairy

Lacea you punch a ton, yeah well my flow illa

My lines are sum 41 all killa no filla

cause it's MC Mikee you won't find nothin realla

this rap empire i'll run like a hun call me Atilla

Cause I rip it when i spit it then I kick it like fifa

then I'm up higha than a rastafarian smokin reefa

yes i'm stunnin bars runnin you can tell Wiz Khalifa

that I made these rap kings look like Queen Latifah


from Free Verses, track released January 12, 2011




Lacea San Diego, California

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