Zelda Verse (Beat by Ethan Hollingshad)

from by Lacea

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who do you know that a got a flow that is mo sicker than
me rhyme's green tea candy call me the asian eminem
if you don't see clearly then you need to get a betta lense
cause i make girls go crazy and sometimes the men feminine
i butcher other rappers so yes i'm the best you'll ever meat
i'm like a drum with no head so i'm difficult to beat
my verses don't got no hook but i'm still the Capitan with my heat
and your verses are disappointing a flash in the Pan, Pete
frying and eating these squids like its deep fry calamari
they can't keep up with my enzo, flow like a ferrari
cause if i blow past and forget you i believe i'm sorry
i'll put my car in Parks and Rec you, Aziz Ansari
I don't cater to these haters, i ain't here to please ya
but their hate is fuel to the fire, so i guess i need ya
And to all you fake friends that left me broken like Seether
when i make it to the top, i'll have slight case of Amnesia
wait a second who are you are we even aquianted
oh you that one dude that said that Mikee won't ever make it
i made my dough and baked it went agogo and i crepe'd it
Now I’m the the best they ever had so I guess I drake’d it
i'm soarin cause i'm fly, you sore like a kanker
i'm a perfect ten, you be-nine, no cancer
Can an asian take over the rap game? Well i'm the answer
what other crouchin tiger is rollin with black panthers
Cause I’m the hottest mc to come out of the Philippines
But still gotta flow colder than any blizzard from Dairy Queen
Fist pumpin haters keep hatin prolly cause I’m still a teen
I say Neato to these Guidos make pauly d’s look like paula dean
So now I’m in writer’s block and now I’m outta lines
I’m all outta jokes I’m all outta rhymes
So I’ll give some time for these rappers to ketchup like Heinz
And get on their knees and blow my ocaweiner of time.


from Free Verses, track released February 22, 2011




Lacea San Diego, California

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