Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare

from by Lacea

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If you don't get the references, GOOGLE IT!


I'm not your average asian, simply amazin

Had to deal with more scrubs than Donald Faison

Heavy artillery with my caissons

while you whack mcs only spray maceing

tie yo shoe lace and get up cause you gotta be trippin

my pair of shoes too big fo you, what're you fittin

Try to take what's mine? Man What're you grippin

Bro I reap what I sew, What're you knittin

I Can't understand your lyrics, What're you spittin

I mean the flows all there but the meaning's missin

You're a fake Juelz Santana with your stanzas

Cause You always hand Deaf Jams that nobody wants to listen

Where are the good rappers, man I can't tell

Probably St. Elsewhere, Howie Mandel

Blew em away with my canons George Handel

I leave MCs like that 80's show cancelled

You're lines are expired so you can't sell

Go back to your desire for Hot sexy tan males

Yourjedi mind tricks you didn't plan well

so who you foolin that ain't a jedi braid that's a rattail

I win win win so I can't fail

you're hanging by the thread of your baggy jeans panttails

so let go befo you get trampled

And left in the dust Antwaan Randle

El nino, I ain't hispanic i'm filipino

I spew money(Spumoni)from my pockets more than Dinno

More Than indian casino games of Keno

When people ask me how I roll, I be like

you gangsta rappers stop rappin with yer dirty words

i'm replacing urbanites, i'm from the "Sub"-urbs

I'm goin through the wire, I'm making heads turn

jaws always spittin fire, That's why i've got sideburns

Your mind turns all over the place

outta yo head and in front of your face

i'm racer x so get outta the race

Why don't you get made like sam spade and just fade, without a trace

Will you whack MC's ever quit playin games

I'm asking nguyen(when) more than vietnamese last names

can you spare me a pair of lyrical underwear

Cause My fruit of the loom is way tighter than your hanes

Cause my dick is alan thicke, but i ain't Canadian

And you'd be insane to handle my growing pains

I'm Ashamed you've Been accepted like Bartleby Gains

When you're as good as the actors on Snakes on a plane

So switch lanes and go a bit slower

comprable to the speed of my john deere mower

speakin of which, I lady gaga ya girl when I mow her

You want me to poker face? Why should I? I barely know her!

So quit it with all your get rich quick schemes

Cause you're outta style like a bitch in ripped jeans

you can't rid me when you wake up at 8:15

Cause no nelly, i ain't just a dream, I be like


from Free Verses, track released February 27, 2011




Lacea San Diego, California

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