Rocketeer Freeverse

from by Lacea

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Where we going we don't need roads, baby we'll touch the sky
And we gone keep going even when we get that high
My message is clear, I hope you can see it fine
Don't need shutter shades to read in between the lines
Why yes, I know you seeing other fellas
But they'll soon leave you alone acapella
So there ain't nothin nobody can not tell us
We'll fly so high we'll make Neil Armstrong jealous

And I know You wanna take it slow, but baby I got patience
These other rocketeers aim straight for Uranus(Your anus lolz)
But baby they're the lamest, so let's get acquainted
We're picture perfect all we need to do is frame it
So baby hold my hand and take to the sky with me
space is the place so say bye to the Earthly
Things we don't need, and then you will see
all these magical miracles like ICP

Come on girl you know we can make it work
The other new boys only know how to be a jerk
They flirt, then leave you hurt, put your face in the dirt
Just take a ride in my enterprise, i'll be your captain kirk
Cause you aren't like other girls being all trashy
giving more football head than Helga Pitaki
eww real gross but lets not get too nasty
cause in a split second youtube will flag me
No one can stop her, star trekkin with a mean flaunt
survives and prosper, others can barely Klingon (Cling on)
Shorty got class and body is so bomb
Baby We gotta blast like Jimmy Neutron
so grab your jetpack, and we'll finally begin
Make like Scarlett we'll be gone with the wind
it's the final countdown, we on the last ten
then we'll be so far up, Carl Fredrickson.


from Free Verses, track released November 29, 2010




Lacea San Diego, California

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